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Fun small business ideas


Fun small business ideas


Local food and drink

Fresh and healthy food is an important theme that has been mentioned before. As a result of a global trend, more and more Dutch people are choosing to buy food from the region again. Not only do you benefit from this, you also support your environment. Moreover, in the Netherlands we can provide a large part of our food ourselves. Think of Dutch fruits and vegetables, for example.

Promote your own meal as a restaurant and build a site around it. (Advisor / service for local eateries)

Or a step deeper:

Green tea (Matcha)

matcha shop idea

Besides eating healthy you also want to drink as healthy as possible. There are more and more drinks on the market that supposedly promote your health. I personally do not believe


in everything but I find the power of natural tea certainly credible. Green tea, for example, has a calming effect. The variety Matcha, for example, has grown in popularity in recent years.


Hip- !

Or a webshop with only healthy food and a catchy name:

Problem-solving webshops and products

Many consumers want to solve a problem, it does not matter to them which webshop they want to buy the product from. However, sometimes they still have a small question or they really want to buy the right product because there are so many poor quality products on the market. This is when you, as a shop owner, can stand out, PROVIDED you bring expertise and are helpful. 


Problems with the processionary caterpillar? Processionary Moth Remove Products Webshop,

Problems with many ants in the house?

Leakage in the house? First aid for leakage

Suffering from the Coronavirus?

Does everyone want gold because they are afraid of an economic crisis?

or better yet, grab an alternative without much competition:

or ‘

Webshops with expertise that really solve problems for consumers have a very good chance of success. Make sure you have very good and helpful content and texts online.


If you see that many people have a problem through search words, you can also link a product to it:


Do many people search for: I want to whiten my teeth? Or create products that match.

This is also possible for smaller issues: Do you see that for certain problems there are no solutions? Go look for better solutions yourself or start producing a product. For example, there are many people who want to chase away pigeons from their balcony but they all know that a plastic crow doesn’t work very well (also look at the reviews on for example). For example a more real looking crow?

Mix of many ideas

These were harder to categorize, but worth mentioning! All kinds of different webshop ideas:


Water Pistols Webshop.

Flagpoles for boats through a webshop.

Selling water jet silencers through a webshop.

JUST with boring products like a water hammer or a siphon you can earn a lot. Why? Consumers don’t understand these products yet and you can use good expertise and information to bring in the customer.


GPS trackers for pets. In 10 years this will be the norm,

Self-made e-Book store (write something yourself about a subject you know a lot about and sell it)

Webshop for catering establishment / material (

Do it yourself garden furniture packages.

T-shirts with a special print on it (like Rumag did, but then good, so to speak, without the fuss)

Advice service for a Notary. ( so someone can help you quickly )

Selling DNA tests. ( Just look at Google Trends )

Selling a service as a spell checker.



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